Belly Candle Massage


Belly candle, also known as navel candle, is a hollow candle made of beeswax, beeswax, etc., about ten centimeters long. The outer layer is covered with cotton cloth. One end is a flammable candle core, and the other end is a small smoke emitting wick. hole, with a built-in safety filter tube to prevent the umbilical cord from flowing back.
It releases impurities, water and air in the stomach, and has the effects of removing wind and edema, improving the digestive system, accelerating metabolism and blood circulation, detoxifying and laxative. Use a belly candle combined with aromatherapy lymphatic drainage techniques to massage the abdomen, and then place the belly candle on the navel. Drug stimulation will expand local blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, and reduce local fat.

* Get rid of belly wind
* Reduce bloating and gas
* Relieve various discomfort syndromes during female cycle
* Help intestinal peristalsis, improve digestive function, and eliminate constipation
* Reduce body toxins that cause skin acne and dark spots, etc.
* Improve lower body edema
* Relieve stress and mental tension caused by weight loss
* Promote metabolism and blood circulation

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